For some people, renting is a better option than buying a home.  Young professionals sometimes rent for a while in order to accumulate funds needed for an eventual home purchase.  Others do not like to feel “tied down” when they get the urge to move.  Whatever the reason, the rental market in Houston has changed in the past year or so.

To rent a single family home, a townhouse, or a condo, a prospective renter must complete an application, provide documentation related to work history, credit, and general background, and pay an application fee.  Your Realtor® will provide the necessary forms and represent you in the application process.

You can find rental properties using the search tool here on my site.

When you find one you like, either I or one of my associates will provide you with the necessary forms and represent you in the process so you can get in that new home quickly!  I mostly help buyers from out of town find accommodations while searching for their new home.